Your smile impacts your life more than you think. Flashing a white smile while laughing at a friend’s joke makes you look attractive and more engaged with the people who you care about the most. Bright, white teeth also indicate that you take care of yourself. This is important when you interact in the business world. Many employers want to hire workers who have management and leadership qualities that can be used on future projects. A pulled-together smile often indicates that you have a handle on personal grooming and may be trusted for greater responsibilities. If you’re ready to up the wattage of your smile, keep reading this post about the features and benefits of Opalescence teeth whitening products. 

Special Features of the Opalescence Teeth Whitening Solution

You’ve tried those inexpensive, over-the-counter teeth whitening products before in pursuit of a perfectly brilliant smile. If these products worked at all, they only abolished the stains temporarily. Your teeth’s discoloration came back because the product wasn’t strong enough to bring satisfactory results. The Opalescence product line of teeth whiteners is a professional solution, and many dentists use Opalescence in their offices and stake their reputations on the product’s effectiveness. 

Opalescence tooth brightening solutions are formulated for use with dental trays. The use of trays during the whitening procedure and the formula’s thick consistency help the tooth whitening gel to stay on teeth for greater efficacy and comfort. 

Some personal care products promise great results, but they are made from ingredients that cause more harm than good. This isn’t the case with Opalescence products. Carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and potassium nitrate are the main ingredients in this brand’s teeth whitening kits. The Food and Drug Administration regards these substances as safe for use in oral hygiene products. 

Custom teeth whitening is yours with Opalescence. The brand delivers products that come in different concentrations. The available teeth whitening strength levels are 10 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, and 35 percent. These products allow you to remove deep stains at your convenience and within your budget. They also come in pleasant flavors such as mint and melon. 

Opalescence products are also made in the USA. This is an important feature for consumers who are committed to supporting businesses that offer high-quality products and jobs for Americans. 

Benefits of Opalescence: Why So Many Customers Love the Product

The best benefit of Opalescence products is a brighter, whiter smile that gets noticed by everyone. This is important whether you want to treat yourself to a beauty upgrade or need to prepare for a critical job interview. Consumer reviews of Opalescence products reveal a host of satisfied users. One couple mentioned that they used the tooth whitening products prior to their wedding, and their sparkling smiles evoked many compliments on their special day. They were also overjoyed to see that the treatment results were captured in their wedding photos. 

Many consumers choose Opalescence because its products are convenient and easy to use. Some professional tooth whitening products require a series of visits to your dentist’s office to get the results that you want. Opalescence products come in a variety of formulas that allow you to get significantly whiter teeth with a dental office procedure, daytime treatments, or nightly applications. 

Opalescence is a teeth whitening brand that has been trusted by users and dental professionals for decades. Recently, its bleaching kits have garnered attention as being some of the most cost-effective teeth whitening products available. Other professional teeth whitening solutions cost hundreds of dollars more than Opalescence products, and some of them don’t produce lasting results. 

How Opalescence Systems Work

If you have chronically discolored teeth, you know that some stains reside on the surfaces of your teeth while others are located deep within your enamel. Homeopathic toothpastes and mouthwashes can remove some surface stains, but stronger agents such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are needed to penetrate the enamel and destroy stains there. Opalescence has three distinct product lines that remove both surface and embedded stains. 

For the fastest results, you’ll want to check out the Opalescence Boost system. Boost uses a 40-percent hydrogen peroxide solution that allows you to get a white smile in about an hour. The Boost system can only be applied by a licensed dental professional and is not available for home use. 

With the Opalescence Go system, you can take the professional results of your dentist with you. The system includes pre-filled trays of Opalescence gel that come in 10 percent and 15-percent solution concentrations. You place the trays on your upper and lower sets of teeth for up to an hour daily depending on your dentist’s instructions. If your Opalescence kit uses the 10-percent formula, you can wear the trays between 30 to 60 minutes a day for five to 10 days. If you have the 15-percent formula, you’ll want to wear the trays 15 to 20 minutes per day for five to 10 days. You can throw away the trays after you use them for added convenience. 

The Opalescence Take-Home kit gives you the most flexible teeth whitening experience. It starts with a visit to your dentist. He or she will take a mold of your teeth and help you to determine the amount of whitening that is best for you. Your dentist will supply you with customized dental trays and Opalescence gel. You’ll fill your dental trays at home for day or night use. 

The Opalescence 35 percent is a powerful and caustic. According to the manufacturer’s website, Opalescence 35 and above kits that contain stronger chemicals require application by a trained dental professional to avoid damage to surrounding gum tissue. Your dental visit will include custom-fitted dental trays and personalized use instructions. 

Where to Get the Opalescence Teeth Whitening Solution

While Opalescence products deliver the results of a professional dental visit, they are easy to use by the average consumer, and many online retailers sell Opalescence teeth whitening kits and Opalescence refills. There are a few things of which you should be aware if you choose to purchase your Opalescence products online. Ask the seller to verify the expiration date on the products that you want to buy. You want fresh Opalescence gel whitening products that are effective enough to do the job without wasting money on multiple applications. 

As with any popular product, Opalescence teeth whitening kits and Opalescence refills run the risk of being counterfeited. Make sure that you get authentic Opalescence products by purchasing your items from a reputable company that offers good customer service. You should make sure that the online retailer has a policy that allows you to return products that don’t meet your expectations. 

Tips From Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Satisfied Customers

There are several dentists and dental hygienists who offer tips to make the tooth whitening experience more comfortable and effective. One customer noted that her dentist recommended that she brush the Opalescence gel directly onto her teeth before placing the dental trays in her mouth. This step ensures that you evenly cover every tooth with Opalescence gel during at-home applications. It also helps you to place the gel only on your teeth and not on your gums. The results are more protected gum tissue and less product waste. Dental professionals also suggest that you store Opalescence products in your refrigerator to extend their shelf lives.

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